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ICSE/ISC Council Affiliation Registration No. HP 004
School Registration Code 02111501902

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Bishop Cotton School, Shimla is ranked India’s No. 1 Boys Boarding School 2014, in the country according to Education World - C Fore survey agency, a well-known Delhi-based market research and opinion polls agency. BCS is the first school in the country to introduce Scuba Diving as part of its adventure activities.



Students domiciled in India & Nepal
(a) Registration  Fee – Rs. 10,000
(b) Admission Fee – Rs. 30,000.00
(c) Infrastructure Fee – Rs. 35,000.00
Overseas Students
(a) Registration Fee – $ 250
(b) Admission Fee and Infrastructure Fee – $ 1500

Caution Money (refundable at the time of finally leaving school)
Students domiciled in   India  &   Nepal  – Rs. 50,000.00
Overseas Students – $ 1300

ANNUAL FEES [Subject to revision]:
Students domiciled in India & Nepal
a] Classes III to X – Rs. 2,75,000.00
b] Classes XI & XII – Rs. 2,90,000.00
c] Imprest – Rs. 30,000.00
Overseas Students
Classes III to XII – $ 7500 (Developed countries)
Classes III to XII – $ 6500 (Developing countries)
Imprest – Rs. 30,000.00

Pocket Money:
Classes III – V    : Rs. 5,000.00 per annum to be deposited in the school office at the time of the boy joining school.
Classes VI -  XII : Rs. 7,500.00 per annum  to be deposited in the UCO Bank, BCS, Extension Counter in the boy’s personal account, through the House Master/ Matron, on the day of joining.


  • Annual Fees include boarding, lodging and tuition.
  • Admission Fees/ Infrastructure Fee and Caution Money are one time payments payable at the time of acceptance of the offer of admission.
  • School fees can be paid in a lump-sum or in two installments. The first installment should be paid by 1st March and the second installment by 1st July.
  • The first installment of school fees for New Admissions which includes the onetime payments will be payable by the 15th October and the balance on 1st March respectively or at the time of joining school.
  • Terminal bills will be sent in July & December every year, which includes expenses incurred by the student during the term, like extra books and stationery, Quarter Master stores, Outfitters, special medical expenses, sports items, picnic,  school leave parties, hobbies, internet,  special courses of computer,  Total brain development program, seminars, workshops, memberships etc.
  • If school bills are not settled on time a 5% penalty will be charged on the total amount for each month of delay.  A delay of more than 3 months beyond the last date will result in the cancellation of admission offer for the child.


  • Notice of withdrawal of a child/ children must reach the Headmaster by 15th February, by Registered Post/ Courier for the ensuing year.
  • If the parents are desirous of  withdrawing their child during the session, either 3 months notice period is required or 3 months fees will be payable in lieu of notice.
  • The Headmaster may, at any time, without assigning any reason ask the parents/ guardian to withdraw their son/ ward from the school if it is considered to be in the interest of the other students of the school.

Other information:
The academic year begins March and ends in December. Registrations close on 30th June of the year proceeding the year of entry. However, late registrations are permissible along with a late fee, until September, when the entrance tests are conducted. For Indian students, and those Non-resident but able to make it, the entrance tests are conducted in   Delhi  (St. Stephen’s College) and in Shimla.
For Non-resident applicants unable to come to   India  in September we allow for the school in which the applicant is currently studying or the Indian Embassy/High Commission to invigilate the written test on our behalf. It is the parent’s responsibility to negotiate this and obtain written consent for us. This notwithstanding, we prefer to meet the applicants at the time of the entrance test along with both parents. Offers for seats are usually sent out by the middle of October and acceptances are to be received at school by 15th November. If your son is a non-resident Indian he can take French as his second language.

We would like to mention here that Bishop Cotton is a 150+ year-old school, quite steeped in tradition, where the discipline is hard and conditions spartan. We do not suit those who are used to a certain degree of luxury and comfort. one of the reasons why we are restrained with regard to registrations in the higher classes is because we often find that boys who join us late find it very much more difficult to adapt to the rigors of boarding life; unless they have been well prepared by their parents as to the reasons for them being sent to boarding school, and in the case of non-resident Indians, miles away from home.
We are also wary of parental expectations, both, of the school and of how they wish for their children to grow. It would be a good idea to think over your decision about a boarding school and ensure that your son is very much a part of the decision making process. At Bishop Cotton we set great stress on commitment and do not expect ourselves, our children or our parents to go back on a commitment…once you join, you are in till you finish year twelve and there are no soft options.